How to download Minecraft for PC for Free

How to download Minecraft for PC for Free

Minecraft is very popular in pc games and its price is 19.99$.

If you’re questioning how to download Minecraft for PC free, you’ve come to the applicable place. We’ll have you up and walking quicker than you can say “Creeper? Aw, man!”

There are two PC variations of Minecraft accessible to download: Minecraft Java Edition or Minecraft for Windows 10 (commonly recounted as Bedrock). There are some incredible variations between the two versions.

Bedrock would not have an up to date fight system, on the other hand, it does permit for crossplay with Xbox One and mobile and has some content material that Java doesn’t.

Meanwhile, Java solely approves game enthusiasts to play with different Java players, however has extra public servers and a higher modding scene. If you are no longer fantastically certain which to pick out then we advocate going for Java, as it blanketed a free replica of Bedrock with it.

But now we are going to show you a trick to get the Minecraft real and updated version for free.

Read on for our convenient steps on how to download Minecraft for PC.

How to download Minecraft with TLauncher

1. Open the Chrome Browser

Go to your desktop and open the Chrome browser and search TLauncher and open the first link and download the launcher.

2. Create an account on TLauncher

Now create an account on there via entering your mail and password. Then install the launcher form download section and allow permission. (Note: if it doesn’t have ‘Java software’ then download in launcher automatically).

3. Launch and download Minecraft

After installing the TLauncher it will automatically open. If launcher not opened automatically So, then click on the desktop icon of the launcher and open it. Now go to the account section and login with your account and now download the game with the latest version, it is approximately 300MB.

Minecraft is running or not

Now, whenever the download is completed, the game will be running without any error. So now you can play a single-player mode. But in this trick, the multiplayer mode is not available yet and after a new version, you might see it on TLauncher, so you can update or download the new version and play Minecraft in multiplayer mode too.

Some settings for low-end PC

Please note that to run this game smoothly, it is required to have at least 4GB RAM in your PC. You don’t need any graphic card and if you have 8 or more RAM and have a graphic card so your game will run smoothly.

If you have 4GB RAM so go to settings and set the video quality in fast mode and FPS 50 to 60, your game will run smoothly, even if you don’t have any graphics card in your PC.

But if you have a PC with less then 4GB RAM, you can’t play it. You must have to upgrade your PC with at least 4 GB of RAM to run this game. Hope you get how to download Minecraft for PC.

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