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UK to limit stakes for online slot games

LONDON: The UK government announced Friday that it would introduce stake limits for online slot games in a toughening of regulations designed to help protect people from the dangers of gambling.
From September, adults will be restricted to £5 ($6) per spin while 18 to 24-year-olds will be limited to £2.
As of now, there are no limits on stakes, unlike on physical gaming machines in casinos and betting shops.
The Department for Culture, Media and Sport described the move as a “landmark moment” for the regulation of online gambling.
It said in a statement the laws would “counter the increased risk of significant harm and life-changing losses” from online slots.
However, Charles Ritchie, who co-founded the charity Gambling With Lives after his son took his own life after battling gambling addiction, said the games would “remain highly addictive”.
“They are high-speed products, and really until there is action taken on the speed of play then they will remain addictive,” he told BBC radio.
The government says that young people are particularly susceptible to gambling addiction.
In 2019, it cut the maximum bet on electronic gaming machines in betting shops — called fixed-odds betting terminals — from £100 to £2.

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