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World War II bomb found in a garden, 10k residents evacuated

NEW DELHI: Authorities in Plymouth, England, have safely detonated an unexploded World War II bomb in sea after it was found in a garden, as per officials on Friday.
Around 10,000 people were evacuated as bomb disposal experts removed it, Johnny Mercer posted on social media.
The decision to detonate the bomb at sea was made “after considering all options, including a controlled detonation on-site,” stated a government release.
“I think it is fair to say that the last few days will go down in history for Plymouth. This war-time bomb has really brought out war-time spirit, people coming together to really support each other and whilst it has been really tough – we got through it,” said Tudor Evans, leader of Plymouth City Council.
The bomb was carefully transported on a lorry to a slipway, then loaded onto a boat and taken out to sea for detonation, Evans confirmed.
He expressed gratitude to the bomb experts for their bravery during the removal process.
The device was initially discovered in a garden on Tuesday, as reported by Plymouth City Council on social media.

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