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Deaths in China and New COVID cases in India: Are we ready for another lockdown?

Dr. Arunesh Kumar, HOD & Senior Consultant, Pulmonology, Paras Hospitals, Gurugram says, “We are not expecting a new wave but we are expecting new patients with new respiratory symptoms who will be affected by the new variant. I think we are better prepared this time and there are no or very less chances of a new wave or lockdown measures this time.”

“Above all, don’t incite fear or spread rumors; they’ll do more harm than good. If your child or anyone in the family is sick, see a doctor immediately. Do not self-medicate or use medication you do not require. In most cases, the present strain of COVID merely causes minimal symptoms that can be treated with paracetamol. While following COVID regimens, a well-balanced diet, proper sleep, and regular exercise are all beneficial to your general health and well-being,” added Dr. Kumar

Many COVID-19 infected patients are fully unaware of their infection. Approximately 40% of COVID-19-infected people are asymptomatic, although they can still transfer the virus to others. Universal mask use can dramatically reduce virus transmission in society by significant reduction of viral transmission the virus to others, including those who are unwittingly carrying it. COVID-19 vaccinations, as well as masking, physical separation, handwashing, and staying at home when unwell, goes a long way in reducing new infections. When these efforts are combined with good ventilation, testing/screening, and contact tracking in the school community, the results are far better.

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